Monday, July 9, 2012

What's My Role Inside a Mainstreamed Class?

July 4: New and old Deaf students gathered for this event as Mrs. Rowena J. prepared a discussion that will highlight the role of Sign Language Interpreters in the learning of Deaf students. SLIs are co-partners and essential to making learning accessible. Even though SLI are available, there are still situations (for example, accomplishing academic requirements) in which an interpreter may not assume the role.

Initially, students were given a group activity where they will identify the role of SLIs for them and what are the things that an SLI should not do. In a group, Mrs. Rowena mixed old students and new students which is seen beneficial as they got to meet each other and share ideas and practices made in ANHS. Outputs are posted and presented by 5 teams of students and immediately few misconceptions about the role of SLI, but amazingly a lot of sentiments were poured out as they reported SLIs should be punctual and should not be emotionally tired of them using last year's experiences. After which Mrs. Rowena discussed not only the roles of SLIs but also their (students) role in their learning.

Deaf Buddies - Mariebel F., Tintin A. and Jocelyn C. along with Mr. Noel Q and Miss Joi V. are present to participate and assist in this event. A good attendance turn out was observed and even how Deaf students mingle with each other that reduces being a stranger in the ANHS Deaf community. It is the hope that this event will add awareness and understanding of their role and their SLIs were internalized by our Deaf learners.

What is this?

2009: Group of students participated in a Hand Painting contest during the ANHS Deaf Week. First Year students bag 1st Place composed of Jonathan S. (Deaf), Christine A. (Hearing), Artus A. (Hearing), Floydlester O. (Hearing), and Rhena A. (Deaf), drew of what they think the significance of the Deaf community in the ANHS. The symbol above, depicted by these winners, shows Respect, Understanding, Love, Care and Learn with the Deaf and Hearing community. Ever since it has been the symbol used in the annual celebration of the ANHS Deaf Week.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Annual Orientation on the Mainstreamed System

All 1st year to 3rd year Deaf and Hearing students enrolled at ANHS participated in the annual orientation on the mainstream system.

The orientation is designed to ensure that our new students welcome diversity and  that they receive information and support regarding the presence of Deaf individuals in the campus and inside their classroom.

The annual orientation provides sufficient information about the History of Program for Deaf Learners at ANHS, Deaf-Friendly Terms, Hearing and Deaf culture and more importantly is How to communicate with each other. 

This year's orientation had a better turn out of lower years students and even faculty attendees due to the appropriate time frame approved by the administrators.