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Applicants for this position are expected to interpret classroom content using Filipino Sign Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adult students in a mainstreamed classes and related school activities and events.

Selection Process: All qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the selection process which will consist of an essay test, interview, completeness of documents and a signing demonstration inside a mainstreamed class. Candidates who are successful on the assessment process will be notified.

Recruitment may close at any time and qualified candidates who have submitted applications will be invited to participate in the testing process.

Assists Homeroom Advisers in monitoring Deaf students' behavior, attendance, tardiness and other concerns.

Accurately interprets / signs announcements and messages of administrators, hearing peers, school officials and visitors in any gathering or activity.

Faithfully conveys the content and the spirit of lesson as taught by the subject teacher, using language most readily understood by the Deaf students.

Assists the teachers in giving instructions to Deaf students in performing classroom activities.

Regularly coordinates with subject teachers regarding notes, hand outs, worksheets and other materials which the Deaf should possess.

Assists subjects teachers so that concerns about the learning of Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing students are properly and promptly addressed.

Updates him/herself through research / professional reading on best practices in interpreting and handling Deaf learners.

Attends professional development activities related to Deaf education such as workshops, seminars, professional meetings and interactions.

Fulfills other tasks as agreed upon with the Principal / Program Moderator.

Provide assistance and guidance as directed by subject teacher/s or Program Moderator.

Enhance professional skills, values and knowledge required for the specific interpreting situations.

Adhere to the standards of confidential communication.

Dress in a professional and non-distracting manner.

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Experience interpreting in a school setting
  • License in Teaching
  • Certification from an Interpreting Training Program an advantage
  • Units in Special Education preferred

For any inquiries, please call us at:

ANHS Principal’s Office:
7212000 local 249 to 250 Or  723-4035

PDL Moderator’s Office:
7212000 loc 250



  1. What if hindi po college graduate pero may years of experience sa school setting at years of interpreting in different settings? Pede pa rin po ba na mag apply?

  2. blessed be anonymous;

    we will appreciate it more if you can give us your email address.

    regarding your inquiry,ma'am/sir, we are an exclusive private institution who happen to support marginalize students. all applicants specially in the academe department should meet the standard and professionalism of potential employees.

    we do believe that we have a lot on SLIs that can really serve our Deaf students, though without the pertinent documents requested it will be difficult for anyone to enter our school set up if they are not at least college graduate.

    also once you got admitted, your status with us is not as SLI but FACULTY, which is parallel to the subject teachers status and remuneration.

  3. Good day!

    I'm a LET passer and I need to teach while working in a corporate company. Is it possible to be part of the ANHS faculty for Math but not under the Program for Deaf Learners? Because I'm not a SPED major. So basically I can only teach the regular students.

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Dear November 22 Anonymous;
      It is possible sir/ma'am if there is an available position, though since we are in a mainstreamed system there are classes where in Deaf and Hearing students are together.