Monday, September 23, 2013

Deaf Buddies in Action 1

Mr. Que explaining some signs

Jaime (standing) a Deaf student teaching buddies and non-members FSL

Buddies 2013

Buddy and Deaf helping out in preparing for the meal of parent visitors

Princes T. (Deaf Alumni) with Tintin A. (Deaf Buddy President 2013)
Von DLT., invited Deaf alumni being conferred with a Certificate of Appreciation and a token by Rodelo P. and Tintin A. (Vice President and President of the Deaf Buddy)
Von DLT posing with the Deaf Buddies

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parent-Deaf Child Encounter: Understanding Problem Behaviors Among Deaf Students

Deaf student leaders discussing the upcoming event
Jovelyn taking charge
Miss Joi explaining what the activity will be

Registration area manned by Miss Aileene (SLI) and Kevin (Deaf student volunteer)

Rodelo and Tintin rehearsing their lines as emcees

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Mrs. Santillan commending the provision of a learning manual for parents

The Moderator discussing common problem behaviors among Deaf students to parents