Saturday, December 21, 2013

Talentadong Lasalyano Season 4

A mainstreamed group won 2nd place in the talent show sponsored by PALS. 
Taken during the Semi-Final Round
Too Anonymous' Certificate for winning 2nd Place

Cromkel (right) getting ready for a new story for the semi-final

Monday, December 16, 2013

Deaf Buddy Club in Action 2

Mark (green) ANHS Staff and member of the DBC is being taught by Arvie and Jodelyn (deaf)

Paul (left) being taught by Joshua and Gino some Wh-Question Signs

Cromkel (right) teaching FSL to a Student Council Officer

Gabriel (deaf) teaching FSL with another SC student

Biswal and Deaf Buddy in a joint Christmas Gathering

Wacky pose
Our outgoing and incoming officers

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Search for ANHS Ambassadors 2013

Mr. Dayrit supervising as Cromkel rehearses her sand art presentation
Deaf Sand Artist Cromkel V.

Cromkel, after a long wait, now presenting her talent
Too Anonymous, a mainstreamed participants

Too Anonymous wins 3rd place

Cromkel won 2nd place

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10th ANHS Deaf Week

   The ANHS Deaf Week is a week-long celebration of Deaf individuals and the Deaf community.

Deafies and Buddies posing after preparing for the exhibit
    It is an opportunity for the Deaf to celebrate their community, language, culture and history; make the LSGH community aware and recognize their achievements; it is also an opportunity for other organizations involved with, or wishing to be involved with the Deaf community to showcase their talents and/or outputs; build / maintain relationships with Deaf people and be recognized for making the school an accessible environment for Deaf to enjoy their rights, vis-à-vis the Hearing students.

Deafies, Buddies with Sir Mark preparing the exhibit

Students viewing the exhibit
1st Place: King Emil C. Mark Lee. B., and Cromkell V.
2nd Place: Richie P. and Erlin O.
Official launching of 10th ANHS Deaf Week

The goals of this year's 10th ANHS Deaf Week are: 1) To celebrate the culture, heritage, and language unique to Deaf people; 2) Recognize achievements of deaf people, including famous Deaf individuals and 3)  Learn about types, degrees, and causes of hearing loss.

5th year contestants
2nd Plcae (Tie): Elen, T. Alimar P., and Jason L.

1st year participants

4th year participants
Thank you so much our dear sponsors: Miss J. Domingo, Mr. J. Abunan, Miss R. Namol and others



 DAY 5

Day 6

 Day 7