Thursday, May 16, 2013

ANHS Batch 3 FSLLP Graduation Day

Sir Rodel, leading us into an opening prayer
Miss Nicky (red) giving an inspirational message with Miss May interpreting

Miss Alma hosting the program

Our FSL Teachers, Miss Alam (left) and Mrs. Bernadette (right)

Most Active and Confident Awardees

Best in Gesture Awardee

Mr. Noel receiving Most Active and Confident Award

Most Attentive Awardees
Sir Jo receiving his certificate for FSLLP Level 2

Miss Avelina receiving her FSLLP Level 2 certifcate

Mrs. Leonora receiving her FSLLP Level 2 certificate
Mrs. Amores receiving her Level 1 certification
Miss Domingo receiving her Level 3 certification

Saturday, May 11, 2013

3rd and Final Week of FSLLP Batch 3

Level 1 participants with Teacher Alma's guidance
Level 2 talk by Mr. Baliza on the topic about Deafness
Level 2 Participants posing with the speaker (from left) Miss Avelina, Mr. Baliza, Mrs. Leonor, Mr. Jojo and Mr. Rodel 

Back-to-back lecture of Mr. Baliza, FSL Coordinator

Mrs. Ferlyn praying in signs

Mr. Jose and Teacher Alma as audience

Teacher Anabelle asking the Level 1 participants to read and see the difference

Teacher Alma showing how while Teacher Anabelle watching

Level 1 getting ready for Visual-Gestural Communication Activity

Is this the right pose?

Sir Jose got it right!

Double gesturing

Miss Avelina with Deaf Buddy Yobbo
Mrs. Leonora (center) with a Deaf Buddy and Mrs. Bernadette
Sir Jojo with a Deaf Buddy

Level 2 participants reviewing for the exams
How do you sign that again?