Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Interpreters' Day

   LSGH ANHS Program for Deaf learners celebrate every January 17th as Sign Language Interpreters' Day.


   PDL came up with the celebration through the outline of events from PCOD (thanks to Miss Panlasigue and Fr. Moorgat) back in 2010 to acknowledge Catholic Interpreters. From then on the Deaf community and its advocates annually celebrate such an event.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Annual ANHS Faculty and Staff Christmas Gathering

   The tables were groaning with food when the ANHS faculty and staff gathered for the annual Christmas party hosted by the present Parent-Employer Association (PEA) President, Mrs. Quiboquibo and Mr. Dayrit, our Principal. Everyone was keen to show case their group presentation and contributed a variety of talents from the different blocks, including our Sign Language Interpreters. Cheers were given to the best presentors and Christmas ham was received as gift to all. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deaf Buddies and Biswal Joint Christmas Party

We enjoyed a great Joint Christmas Party with the Biswal members! Great job organizing, Sir Jo and Sir Q! 

   The two moderators thought of again joining with each others due to the commonality of members in their respective organizations - Deaf and Deaf Buddies, which provided enjoyment and bonding for both. What an accomplished group of young people! The sumptuousness dinner was delicious, and the crazy games brought many laughs. Too bad for those who were absent on this day.

   After this week we will again enjoy another fun evening with great foods and gifts as we will have our advisory's Christmas Party. Students prepare and  provide some good programmes to start the night right.