Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 2 & 3: 9th ANHS Deaf Week

The ANHS Deaf Week is a week-long celebration of Deaf individuals and the Deaf community. It is an opportunity for the Deaf to celebrate their community, language, culture and history; make the LSGH community aware and recognize their achievements; it is also an opportunity for other organizations involved with, or wishing to be involved with the Deaf community to showcase their talents and/or outputs; build / maintain relationships with Deaf people and be recognized for making the school an accessible environment for Deaf to enjoy their rights, vis-à-vis the Hearing students.

Thurs. November 8: 
Submission of PDL Logo Design Contest for Deaf students
Video presentation of Academic Signs

Fri: November 9:
Submission of FSL Short Story Telling in Signs
Alternative Class Program: Basic Self-Defense for Deaf Students and Buddies by Mr. Filomeno V. Buena
Video Presentation of Deaf video projects in Christian Living entitled Live-In, GMA News about Renz Rivera and Why Deaf Students have Trouble Reading.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

LSGH Celebrates ANHS Deaf Week

   La Salle Green Hills Adult Night High School hosted several activities that took place during a week of workshop, video showing, exhibit presentation, contests and awarding for this year’s 9th ANHS Deaf Week, November 7-13.

   The event was organized by the Program for Deaf Learners Staff in partnership with the Deaf Buddies.

   A soft launching was held last October 19 at the school promenade where the officers of the Deaf Buddies, Mariebel F. and Tintin A. announced the various events and activities that will transpire on the actual celebration of National Deaf Awareness Week.
Events include:
Wed. November 7: 
Official Launching of 9th ANHS Deaf Week.
Guess My Sign contest given to the Hearing community of the department as assisted by Marlon L.
Video presentation of Lasallian Prayer, National Anthem and Alma Mater Song in Signs as project of the Deaf Buddies
Thurs. November 8: PDL Logo Design Contest participated by Deaf students.
Fri. November 9: FSL Short Story Telling contest participated by the Hearing and Deaf students. Also a Basic Self-Defense session for Deaf students and Deaf Buddies was held.
Sat. November 10: Friendly Games for the Deaf held at Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School. 

Mon. November 12: Simultaneous Judging of Entries

Tues. November 13: Awarding and Culmination; Sign Name Baptism for New Deaf Buddies

Thanks to the following who sponsored, supported and participated in our celebration:
Mr. Rheal D. Dayrit - Principal, LSGH ANHS
Miss Emma G. Arrubio - Principal, ERIS
Mr. Jose Ramelle E. Javier - Principal, LSGH Grade School
Engr. Noel C. Sison - Reservation Officer
Mr. Harry Peñano - HS PE Coordinator
Mr. Joseph Angelo M. Santos - Grade School Student Activity Coordinator
Mrs. Geberlie M. Roesch - ANHS Registrar
Mr. George Cadano and the TMC Staff
Mrs. May De Guzman - Angel Print
Miss Hergil Roni Abat and Hewlet & Packard
Mrs. Mogan
Miss June R. Domingo and Uhay
JD and Associates

ANHS Sign Laguage Interprters - Mr. R. Laurel, Miss R. Namol, Mrs. R. Jingco, Miss A. Pano, Miss J. Villareal, Ms. A. Garduque and Mrs. L. Vizoro
Guidance Counselors - Miss R. Panlasigue and Mr. R. Belen
Miss B. Nolasco, Miss T. Tan, and Homeroom Advisers

Miss Jamaica Torres and Mrs. Ferlyn Amores
Mr. Mark Joseph Samontina

Deaf Buddies (Katrina T, Mariebel F., Joseph B., Christine A., Rodelo P., Jocelyn C., Jocelyn V.) and Deaf Students

Dionisio Enriquez (2008)
Paul Bryan Gaveria (2008)
Joanna Canuto (2009)
Justine De Castro (2009)
Roejen Fernandez (2010)
Renz Kenneth Rivera (2012)
David Jon Maranan (2012)
Russel Dion Serenilla (2012)