The school is adopting the mainstreamed program for the Deaf.

   Our Deaf students mostly come from schools within Greater Manila Area which offer Deaf program.  There is a mix of students coming from self-contained classes and those who were mainstreamed. 

The screening procedures were improved to identify the readiness of the enrollees in a mainstreamed system and to answer the growing concerns of the faculty on the school aptitude of Deaf students we are accepting. For this school year, the Deaf are now required to take the entrance test. 

Miss Joi screening potential high school applicants

Among the part-time faculty members are the 7 sign language interpreters (all are licensed teachers) and 1 guidance counselor for the Deaf who work with the homeroom advisers and subject teachers in assisting the Deaf in their personal and school concerns.  There is also a moderator for the program for Deaf learners.

Mr. Que, present PDL Moderator, giving a session for all Deaf students 
Among the full-time faculty members, 46% can communicate confidently and effectively with the Deaf without the need for an interpreter.