Wednesday, December 2, 2015

12th ANHS Deaf Week

This week is special to all of us, as we celebrate the ANHS Deaf Week. Exciting contests and activities are in store for all of us, and we enjoin everybody’s participation in all of these. (There is a specified date and time for what we would call as “Sign Language period” where signs are exchanged instead of words – strictly, for the entire school. So come join the fun!)

   The Program for Deaf Learners (PDL) would like to express our gratitude to the different groups and individuals who extended their assistance during the preparations and weeklong celebration of the annual activity.
·     to br. Vic, Miss Agnes and all the administrators of ANHS for their support
·    To the Buildings and Grounds Office headed by Sir Eric for accommodating our request for our various venues
·    To the Sign Language Interpreters, for all their hard work and assistance during the activity
·    To all the Faculty members for taking the challenge to participate in the 1st ANHS Sign On
·    To the ANHS staff for their assistance in the preparations of the documents for the activities
·      To all the students who actively participated in the different activities