Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ferdie attends the 2nd National Deaf Youth Camp

Ferdie, as the 1st ANHS Deaf Student Council Officer attends the 2nd Deaf Youth Camp at Cagayan de Oro, sponsored by the CEAD and LSGH ANHS
The camp site is a former place inhabited by many tribes that helped in the maintenance of this venue overlooking the sea

An indoor session on Self-Esteem was given by Miss Yvette were all Deaf participants listen attentively and learn from her experiences and insights

In the Self-Esteem activity, members of the Ferdie's group post a small description of what they think each member's attitude and character, may it be positive or negative 

Ferdie's perception of him (all true by the way)

Ferdie with his Team Blazers crosses the Hanging Bridge

The goal is to roll a bathroom tissue paper a 10 meter line without breaking. Luckily Team Blazer got 2nd place!

The goal of this water game is to create a tower that will stand for 3 seconds, and they won second place.

At last, after 4 days of fun filled activities Ferdie earned a certificate and lots of friends


A pose with the very cordial and knowledgeable museum guide is Mr. JC (3rd from left) 

Posing with St. Xavier at the back

JC our very informative tour guide

American influence part of the gallery

At the back of Ferdie is an artist rendition of the history of Cagay Anon

Ferdie with the CSB students posing with the History of Creation at their back