Friday, September 23, 2016

FREE FSL Class for ANHS Students, Faculty and Staff opens!

Big Brother and Big Sister Career Talk Sir Roel M. Llido

Sir Roel M. Llido, a Chef (works in a restaurant in Laguna) shared his experiences, challenges, his numerous training as a worker in the food industry. 

A creative presentation done by one of the speakers, Roejen Fernandez.

Roejen, an alumnus of ANHS Batch 2010, showed his impressive body of work as graphic designer.

Our Future chefs, computer-related employees from Grade 10 and SHS with the speakers after the event organized by the GCSU.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gawad Parangal 2016

         There is no measure to the love that our ANHS Sign Language Interpreters extend to our Deaf learners.  We  cannot repay them for the sacrifices, hard work and love they have for the students. 
         This love stems from the love and grateful hearts of our Deaf learners in the Adult Night High School.  
        This school year, through the generosity of our principal and administrators, the PDL "dream" of finally having a separate award/recognition for the outstanding work extended by our Sign Language Interpreters in ANHS, has become a reality.  We, Mr. Noel (former PDL Moderator) and I, believe that through this simple recognition, we will be able to say thank you to our hardworking SLIs.  
        We are blessed to have such generous and hardworking SLIs in ANHS, if we can give them all awards for the "unseen" work they do, we would.  
         To our very first GAWAD PARANGAL SIGN LANGUAGE recipient, Mr. RODEL D. LAUREL, congratulations!

Mr. Rodel D. Laurel, our 1st Gawad Parangal Awardee!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PNASLI General Assembly

Our hardworking Sign Language Interpreters took part in this year's PNASLI 4th Geenral Assmbly entitled Sign Language Interpreters  - Rising Above the Challenge last September 3, 2016 at DLS - CSB. 


Parent - Deaf Child Encounter 
It is always a blessed opportunity for LSGH - ANHS' Program for Deaf Learners (PDL) to meet and interact with one of our partners, the parents and guardians of our Deaf learners.  This year we have blessed to have 39 of our 43 parents/guardians take part in our annual activity. 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the following groups and individuals for their significant and generous contribution to the PDL's annual  Parent – Deaf Child Encounter held last August 22, 2016 at the CAC Hall. 
       -  Br. Victor A Franco, FSC at sa lahat ng La Salle Brothers 

  • To all ANHS Administrators headed by Mrs. Agnes C. Alonsozana Mrs. Geberlie M. Roesch (Registrar), to all our coordinators. 
  •  to the members of the faculty and the homeroom advisers for continuously guiding our Deaf learners
  • To our Sign Language Interpreters who prepared and lead our Deaf learners 
  • To the support staff who assisted the preparations especially Miss Badeth, Sir Edward, Miss Badeth and Sir Mark.
  • To our resource speaker and facilitator, Counselor for the Deaf Miss Rosario Rachelle S. Tasiatco, and Miss Rhea N. Namol. 
  • To the members of the Deaf Buddy Club headed by Miss Rhea M. Namol  
  • To all our Deaf students and Deaf Leaders for August
  • Most of all to our deaf parents and guardians    
Marami pong salamat! Pagpalain nawa kayo ng Panginoon.  Animo La Salle!

Miss Avelina Garduque, this year's master ceremony.

Miss Agnes Alonsozana, ANHS Principal,sharing her message to our parents and guardians.

Miss Rosario Rachelle S. Tansiatco, our Counselor for the Deaf, this year's resource speaker.  Miss Bing shared significant insights on the topic "How to Manage Acceptable and Unacceptable Behavior of our Deaf Children", through her expertise and personal experiences through the support given by her own parents and family.

Registration facilitated by the members of the Deaf Buddy Club and Deaf Leaders of August before the activity.
One of our Grade 9 Deaf students, Jeffrey B. Sarenas, sharing his experiences as Deaf child with a Deaf parent.