Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 22, 2016 is another special day for the PDL - it is the annual Parent - Deaf Child Encounter.  This activity is a wonderful opportunity for the PDL and ANHS to meet with the parents and guardians of our Deaf learners!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly." —Jim Rohn

       One inspiring quote we remember about Deaf is the line, the only disability in life is a bad attitude.  We share this important thought of helping our learners realize their potential as leaders in their own simple ways.  In our aim help our learners realize their potentials as future humble leaders, the PDL started the program of having monthly Deaf leaders.  OThe program began last year with the simple aim of having a point person who will disseminate information, remind Deaf learners, inform the PDL office of Deaf concerns.  In the first year of implementation last school year 2015 -2016, Monthly Deaf leaders were  chosen based on their length of stay in ANHS.  
       The program allowed for smooth flow of information between and among Deaf learners and SLIs to the PDL office.  This year, all Deaf learners are given the chance to serve as Deaf leaders, they are expected to have short monthly meetings with the PDL Moderator and with their SLIs.  Initially our Deaf learners felt that the task is of Herculean proportions, but on the third month of implementation last school year, Deaf learners were excited to serve as leaders for their classmates. Our student Deaf representative last school year, Mr. Ferdie Genoguin shared Deaf learners were happy to be Deaf leaders because they are able to prove their capacity as potential leaders. 
      Our Sign Language Interpreters (SLIs) shared during the evaluation of the activity done in March and June 2016, shared that Deaf learners find the responsibility challenging.  This school year, after the feedback session, the PDL team decided to assign Deaf leaders based on their alphabetical listing, and alternating male and female students every month. 
       To our Deaf leaders, thank you for all your help. 
              Deaf Leaders for August

Evelyn C. Gatapia
Glydhl Mae L. Fernandez
Rio Shielo H. De Leon
Hannah M. Saur
Mariel H. De Leon
Cammille M. Celestra
Dr. Susan Lane - Outlaw delivering one of her presentations to the group.
Miss Nora Shannon doing a class demo of one of the activities.

Mr. Noel working on his Science Curriculum

DLS - CSB team discussing and working on their Grade 7 Curriculum

Our ANHS Faculty members during one of the sessions by Miss Nora.

Mr. Noel Que presenting his Grade 7 Curriculum Guide

Miss Ria (middle)  with Miss Susan (L) and Miss Nora (R)

The group posed for the "traditional" wacky shot after the 5-day training.

(L-R) Mr. Noel, Miss Nora, Miss Ria, Miss Susan, Miss Tetchie and Miss June ham it to the camera.

Miss Nora Shannon and Dr. Susan Lane -Outlaw are two of the most generous and insightful educators for the Deaf who have been helping the PDL all these years.  The partnership which began in 2011 continue to inspire the ANHS PDL team all these years.  
      Last June 27 - July 1, the competent team of PCEN through Miss May Cabutihan and Miss Tetchie Dela Torre, invited three members of the ANHS Faculty Mr. Noel I. Que, Miss Ria B. Aguilar and Miss June R. Domingo, to participate in a five-day curriculum mapping and Bilingual Education Training at DLS - CSB from June 27 - July 1, 2016. 
       The curriculum mapping and training is primarily aimed at preparing the DLS - CSB team for the new challenges of a model high school in two years.  It was an opportunity, as well, to exchange ideas and strategies in handling Deaf learners in different classroom settings. 
        The work for Deaf education is endless, but with the help people from PCEN, Miss Nora, Miss Susan and all the brains and brawn behind the five-day workshop, we are certain that the challenges we have to overcome will be lighter.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

 Focus Group Discussion  of the PDL with PCEN
         One of the partners of the Program for Deaf Learners, the PCEN and CEAD, visited the team last March 2, 2016.  PCEN was represented by two of our generous partners Miss May Cabutihan and Miss Christina Santos, while the PDL team was represented by Mr. Noel I. Que, Miss Bernadette P. Nolasco, Miss Ana Ria B. Aguilar, Mr. Jose Z. Isip and Miss Junelyn R. Domingo.
        Since the partnership of the organization and the PD, PCEN has continuously served as a generous partner in numerous programs such as professional development sessions/training for the faculty, student interactions and activities, FSL classes/training.  Mr. Noel Que, former PDL Moderator and Mr. Rheal Dayrit, former ANHS Principal participated in the PCEN - sponsored fact-finding trip to the US in 2012 along with other Deaf schools in the country.  
         Five years after first project undertaken by PCEn and the PDL, the team participated in a two-hour assessment and discussion on the various projects undertaken.  It was also an opportunity to discuss future partnerships and activities which will empower the faculty, the SLIs and the students further.  
          We look forward to more activities and FGDs that would help the Deaf students.  We wish to express our gratitude to thePCEN team, and to the faculty members who took part in the session May we continue to serve the Deaf.  Animo La Salle! 

(L-R) The PDL ANHS Team - Miss Agnes (ANHS Principal), Mr. Jose, Mr. Noel, Miss Berna and Miss June (not in photo) during the FGD with PCEN
Mr. Noel sharing his insights and reflections on the various projects of the PDL with PCEN.
Miss May (left) sharing her personal thoughts on the programs.
(L-R) Mr. Jose, Miss Ria, Miss Liezel, Miss Vicky, Miss Tina, Miss May, Miss June, Miss Agnes and Mr. Noel
Mr. Jose responds to the inquiries and recommendations on the different PCEN-PDL projects. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thank You, our dearest Sir Q!

         Sir Noel Que or Q to our Deaf students in ANHS will be taking on a new journey this July, we pray that as he faces a new chapter in his life, he will be guided and inspired by the work he has done for the Program for Deaf Learners.  His passion, encouragement and dedication to the PDL will always inspire us to do our best at work.   
        We know you will always make us proud wherever you are, we will all miss you, we pray for your success and safety.  
        Quoting from the last Chapter of the novel, The Little Prince by St. Exuperry, “Look at it carefully so that you will be sure to recognize it in case you travel some day to the African desert. And, if you should come upon this spot, please do not hurry on. Wait for a time, exactly under the star. Then, if a little man appears who laughs, who has golden hair and who refuses to answer questions, you will know who he is. If this should happen, please comfort me. Send me word that he has come back.”   

           You will always have a home in the PDL, Sir Noel.

Summer Bridge Program for New Deaf Students
  May 19 - June 2, 2016/1:00 -  4:00 PM
Mr. Noel Que discussing General School Policies

Miss Rhea M. Namol with one of our alumni volunteers, Ferdie Genouguin, in one of the sessions.

Flexible Deaf students in one of the ice-breakers.

Three's not a crowd, with Evelyn, Sydney and Jason Naval (one of our alumni volunteers).
Role-play on student responsibilities in the Mainstream Classroom.
  The Summer Bridge Program for New Deaf Learners aims to assist and equip our new Deaf learners in adjusting to their new environment.  PDL is faced with the challenging task of implementing the program to three (now 2) Deaf learners.  Though there were a lot of students who underwent the evaluation (mostly incoming Grade 9) for Deaf students, we were forced to turn them down primarily because of the number of Deaf students only enrolled in Grade 9, and our non-acceptance of  Grade10 and Senior High School.  
        This year's Summer Bridge Program was smoothly implemented with the assistance of patient and passionate individuals.  We would like to express our gratitude to all our Batch 2016 alumni, Ferdie Genoguin (volunteered for 10 days), Jaime Abata, Jr., Jazzel Naval, Mark Kevin Paroginog, Jason Lopes and Jason Naval, our Deaf Buddy Club Vice-President Joan Raagas, one of our SLIs Miss Rhea N. Namol, our Grade 9 volunteer Mr. Jeremias Franche, and our Student Affairs Moderator  and former PDL Moderator Mr. Noel I. Que.  
       The time you have shared in the Summer Bridge Program speaks of your great love for the Deaf.  To our new Deaf students Mico and Evelyn, welcome to the ANHS PDL family. 

Orientation on the Deaf Mainstream Program for Grades 7 – 9 and Trial Teachers


We would like to express our gratitude to the homeroom advisers of Grades 7 – 9, our Sign Language Interpreters, our presentors, Mr. Noel, Miss Aileene, Miss Avelina, to our SC Deaf Representative Arvie, the Vice – President of the Deaf Buddy Club, our teachers Mr. Ronald and Mr. Kervin,  and to all Deaf and hearing students from Grade 7 – 9 for attending and actively participating in the annual orientation held at the CAC Hall last June 16, 2016.
We hope that this activity will help our hearing students communicate with our Deaf learners better.