Saturday, November 26, 2016

13th ANHS Deaf Week

 This year's Deaf Week focuses on the stories of our Deaf learners.  ANHS aims to encourage more hearing individuals to listen to the stories of our Deaf partners, and to encourage them to mingle and share their own lives as well.   Our Deaf Week aims to showcase the skills and talents of our Deaf learners and SLIs to the community.  We hope that we continue to share our stories, learn sign language and communicate with the Deaf.
We would like to express our heartfelt and sincerest gratitude to everyone who took part and supported the celebration of the 13th ANHS Deaf Week from November 9 – 18, 2016.
  • To all our ANHS administrators headed by Mrs. Agnes C. Alonsozana, to all coordinators, and registrar for the support and assistance extended for the preparation of the activities.
  • To Br. Vic and all the Brothers for their generosity to the program.
  • To all our faculty members and homeroom advisers for encouraging their respective classes in the activities, and for supporting the activities of the week especially the Deaf Café and Sign On ANHS.
  • To all our Deaf students for sharing their skills during the preparation of the activities, the manning of the respective stations, the preparations for the numerous activities, and for their active involvement in all the tasks.
  •  To the SHS students, the members of the Salinlahi Dancers and the Grade 10 for their tireless work during the Deaf Camp at the Bible Institute for the Deaf and the Deaf Café, respectively.
  • To all our hearing students for their support and active participation in all the activities.
  • To the ANHS Support staff for assisting the PDL in the preparations and completion of the various materials and equipment for the event.
  • To the BGO headed by Mr.  Eric Cruz for always assisting us in our exhibit materials.
  • To the HS – LRC Team for allowing us to share videos on the Deaf during the celebration. 
  • To our partners from the Bible Institute for the Deaf headed by Mrs. Susan and Abbott and Miss Liza Martinez, all their students and staff for accommodating the ANHS PDL Team during our Benchmarking and Deaf Camp.
  • To Miss Baby Ruth R. Gaspar for serving as resource speaker during the Faculty session on Deaf Education.
  • To the alumni, Miss Princess Ellaine Tadeo and Mr. Marlon Luvitania, for serving as judges in the activities and contests.
  • To the whole PDL team, our hardworking Sign Language Interpreters and our Guidance Counselor for the Deaf for their generosity and patience during the celebration. 
  • We also would like to thank our generous donors, Sir Noel Que, Mr. Joseph Domingo, Miss Angelica Brillo, and our SLIs. 
May God continue to bless you and may you never get tired in helping and supporting the Deaf, the programs of the PDL.  May you continue to share with others the advocacy for the Deaf. Salamat po!  
Our creative Deaf learners and member the Deaf Buddy Club preparing the exhibits on Deafness and information.  

Deaf Buddy Club Officers, May Rose Fontanilla (SHS - ABM), President and Joan Raagas (Grade 8), Vice President serving as MCs, and two of our Deaf learners showcasing their talents, through a Deaf Poetry presentation.  The poems are original work done by the students in their English Class (A Response to the Nymph or to the Shepherd).  
Learning from our partners from DLS -CSB.

Our Grade 10 and SHS students applying their skills in baking and pastry production by preparing cookies and brownies which were sold during the Deaf Cafe.  

Our annual Deaf Cafe was supported by the ANHS Community, proceeds of the activity was given to the Faculty Association's Barya Mo, Pamasahe Ko program, and to the PDL.

The Deaf Storytelling challenged the hearing contestants to retell a story to their Deaf partners.  Deaf participants retold the story to the Deaf alumni judges. The winners of the competition held last November 16, 2016 were, Deaf students Jeffrey Sarenas (9A), Jhasua San Juan (10A) with their hearing partners Vanessa Joy Julian (9B) & Wendell Altamera (SHS ABM) in First Place; while Deaf participants Denise Castro (9A) and Mohaimmer Badio (10B) with their Deaf partner Cielo May Relunia (9B) bagged 2nd Place.   
Our 2nd Deaf Camp was held at the Bible Institute for the Deaf.  This year's activity featured the skills of our SHS - TVL Deaf students.  The group did a cooking demo of two pasta dishes from their Cookery Class.  The event also showcased the skills of our two SLIs Miss Roni and Sir Rodel on two DIY activities.  The event served as a bench marking activity and interaction with our BID partners.

One of the anticipated activities of our Deaf Week is the SIGN On ANHS.  The activity was held on 17 November 2016 had our teachers teach and students (Hearing and Deaf) use signs for two periods.  The activity which was introduced last year, was an opportunity for the whole community to use signs in Class. 

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