Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gawad Parangal 2016

         There is no measure to the love that our ANHS Sign Language Interpreters extend to our Deaf learners.  We  cannot repay them for the sacrifices, hard work and love they have for the students. 
         This love stems from the love and grateful hearts of our Deaf learners in the Adult Night High School.  
        This school year, through the generosity of our principal and administrators, the PDL "dream" of finally having a separate award/recognition for the outstanding work extended by our Sign Language Interpreters in ANHS, has become a reality.  We, Mr. Noel (former PDL Moderator) and I, believe that through this simple recognition, we will be able to say thank you to our hardworking SLIs.  
        We are blessed to have such generous and hardworking SLIs in ANHS, if we can give them all awards for the "unseen" work they do, we would.  
         To our very first GAWAD PARANGAL SIGN LANGUAGE recipient, Mr. RODEL D. LAUREL, congratulations!

Mr. Rodel D. Laurel, our 1st Gawad Parangal Awardee!

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