Saturday, May 11, 2013

3rd and Final Week of FSLLP Batch 3

Level 1 participants with Teacher Alma's guidance
Level 2 talk by Mr. Baliza on the topic about Deafness
Level 2 Participants posing with the speaker (from left) Miss Avelina, Mr. Baliza, Mrs. Leonor, Mr. Jojo and Mr. Rodel 

Back-to-back lecture of Mr. Baliza, FSL Coordinator

Mrs. Ferlyn praying in signs

Mr. Jose and Teacher Alma as audience

Teacher Anabelle asking the Level 1 participants to read and see the difference

Teacher Alma showing how while Teacher Anabelle watching

Level 1 getting ready for Visual-Gestural Communication Activity

Is this the right pose?

Sir Jose got it right!

Double gesturing

Miss Avelina with Deaf Buddy Yobbo
Mrs. Leonora (center) with a Deaf Buddy and Mrs. Bernadette
Sir Jojo with a Deaf Buddy

Level 2 participants reviewing for the exams
How do you sign that again?

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