Monday, January 16, 2012

Circa Filipinas Stage Play

January 13, 2012 - Teatro Lasalyano, ANHS Chorale and Dance Club presented a stage play that reminisce the colonization of the Americans in our country.
Deaf and Hearing students (below) showing their Arnis Skill
Deaf students presenting their folk dance (Sayaw sa Bangko) during the stage play
With limited time, yet creative production, the Mr. Baustista, Mr. Ducay and Miss Villareal along with the Hearing and Deaf students as cast and crew, was able to wow the audience in this event that took place at the Brother Donato Center for the Performing Arts
The show is a meandered combination of brilliant comedy, music, drama, love, and hope. Circa Filipinas is a riveting play that tells a story of Love, Life and its Lessons set way back 1903. It delivers a message of true love in spite of challenges that promises to leave you wanting more. This production proves to be very powerful with an amazing cast and crew.
Miss Joi (left) taking a bow

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