Sunday, March 18, 2012

Renz Rivera receives Br. Jaime Hilario Award

March 16:
(standing left: J. Flores, D. Maranan, R. Rausa, R. Rivera, J. Arcega, R. Serenilla, A. Austria, V. Torres. left seated: O. Custorio, G. EscaƱo and E. Tejolan)
   Once again, Deaf students did exceptionally well in the ANHS Graduation Rites held last Friday at La Salle Green Hills. 4 Deaf students and a Deaf Buddy received top awards. 12 Deaf students out of 13 were able to graduate high school this school year.

The top awards went to:
Renz Kenneth L. Rivera:   Br. Jaime Hilario Award of Distinction, Mercury Drug Recognition Award for Excellence in Mathematics, Silver medal for Food and Beverage Services and Gold medal for Mathematics

  Olive Custorio and Russel Dion M. Serenilla:  Loyalty Awards
Von Jaime M. Torres: Teatro Lasalyano Organization Award

  Lester M. Legaspi: (1st) Deaf Buddy Organization Award

GMA 7 reporter interviewing Renz and Miss Abat

Official SLIs for the 2012 ANHS Graduation Rites (from left: Miss Abat and Mrs. Jingco)

Congratulations to all Deaf High School students and may you inspire others to do the same. 


  1. hi SIR QUE! GOOD-AFTER! i miss u! i feel disturb u, classmate and teacher all... i feel cool thanks for education hard...

    1. dear anonymous, we know that you are our Deaf student and we thank you for your comment. may we know who exactly you are by posting your name?