Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why should you join the DEAF BUDDY CLUB?

The purpose of this club shall be to provide additional opportunities outside of the classroom where students and users of FSL can meet, socialize, improve their signing skills, heighten awareness of Deaf culture and eventually become the support group for the Deaf program.

This will be accomplished in the following ways:
  1. Provide a social atmosphere.
  2. Organize learning sessions such as workshops, guest speakers, etc. to enhance members’ learning.
  3. Inform members of upcoming Deaf community events.
Congratulations to our members:
1 5A President - Tamayosa, Katrina
Secretary - Faeldonea, Mariebel M.
4 1A San Jose, Christian Paolo E.
5 1A Valenzuela, Darwin P.
6 2A Dela Cerna, Artcon M.

2B Salazar, James Michael

2B Pinola, Rodelo

Acuña, Christine M.
Buenaflor, Kim Jhun A.

Chiquito, Jocelyn B.
Pastor, Marjoshelle V.

3B Velasco, Jocelyn M.

3B Flores, John Bryan
13 5A Babilonia, Joseph
14 5B Boni, Annie Rose L.

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