Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Institutional Launching of LS CARES

   Everyone in the school community is encouraged to engage in the process as a sign of faith. Working collaboratively, it is hoped that this action will bring about communal renewal, where commitment to the mission becomes top priority.

   As mandated by De La Salle Philippines, all Lasallian schools in the Philippines will undergo a school-wide reflection process from SYs 2012-2014. LS Cares hopes to identify the level of Lasallianess of the institution. Moreover, the process will also strive to identify the strengths, challenges and the school's compliance with the resolutions and capacity building measures of the Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation. Lastly, it hopes to define action plans that will be implemented to further strengthen the institutional Lasallian character and the fulfillment  of the Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation resolutions which are hoped to be endorsed during the 2015 Convocation.

   The Lasallian mission, the human and Christian education of young people "far from salvation" has no future unless built upon the fundamental traits of Lasallain association, both among the Brothers, and among all other Lasallians, who commit themselves in various forms to the Lasallian education mission. - Associated for the Lasallian mission act of hope.

LSGH Steps of the Process (as designed by LSGH Multi-sectoral Committee)
1. Institutional Launching of LS CARES

2. Pre-Reflection Survey
3. Sectoral Reflections
   3.1. Faculty and Staff
   3.2. Alumni 
   3.3. Parents
   3.4. Pupils / Students
   3.5. Community Partners
4. Collation and Submission of Responses
5. Feedbacking / Sharing of Responses
6. Culminating Activity
7. Visit of the DLSP Visiting Team

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