Thursday, February 28, 2013

Program Evaluations

The 5-Year Development Program (SY 2009-2013) of the Program for Deaf Learners states that after 5 years the PDL shall undergo an evaluation that includes assessment of Admission Process, Homeroom Concerns, Co-Curricular Concerns, Academic Concerns and Community Partners. The PDL will consider outcomes in determining a new set of 5-Year Development for school year 2013-2018. As soon as the beginning of the Third Trimester, the Moderator and the PDL Staff started collecting possible criteria for evaluation which will be participated by Deaf students, teachers and PDL staff. With the supervision of our Principal, a battery of evaluations were conducted on the 2nd (for SLIs evaluation) and 3rd (Program evaluation) week of February. These evaluation results are important as it demonstrate program effectiveness and enable the PDL to collect data that will be used for modifications and innovations.

Sign Language Interpreters Evaluation helps the PDL Team to assess the quality and skills of each SLI. This tool will be used to identify the strengths of our SLIs. The Areas for Improvement is also something that we discuss and recommend remediation for future improvements.

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