Sunday, June 8, 2014

Instructional Accessibility in Teaching Deaf Students Seminar

1. Identify the education needs of the Deaf students to make quality lessons accessible for the Deaf;
2. Cite ways of collaborating for instructional accessibility;
3. Give example of Rights-Based activities in reading that will result to better achievements.

Mr. Dayrit giving an opening remarks of how our mainstreamed school is now the choice of many Deaf students

   The training hopes to produce a creative interaction between teachers and SLIs regarding the instructional accessibility of a sample lesson wherein most Deaf students have difficulty learning. The training is ideal for consultation approach between teachers and SLIs ensuring that difficult subject concepts are conveyed appropriately. As an educational unit, working in isolation prevents us from exploring other means of providing the best educational opportunity for our students. It is also hoped that this session will not end after the allotted time frame and will become a continuous means of collaboration between SLIs and teachers of how an ideal mainstreamed school should be. 

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  1. I am deaf teacher from Nepal, How i can Join that training?