Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Bridge Program for New Deaf Students
  May 19 - June 2, 2016/1:00 -  4:00 PM
Mr. Noel Que discussing General School Policies

Miss Rhea M. Namol with one of our alumni volunteers, Ferdie Genouguin, in one of the sessions.

Flexible Deaf students in one of the ice-breakers.

Three's not a crowd, with Evelyn, Sydney and Jason Naval (one of our alumni volunteers).
Role-play on student responsibilities in the Mainstream Classroom.
  The Summer Bridge Program for New Deaf Learners aims to assist and equip our new Deaf learners in adjusting to their new environment.  PDL is faced with the challenging task of implementing the program to three (now 2) Deaf learners.  Though there were a lot of students who underwent the evaluation (mostly incoming Grade 9) for Deaf students, we were forced to turn them down primarily because of the number of Deaf students only enrolled in Grade 9, and our non-acceptance of  Grade10 and Senior High School.  
        This year's Summer Bridge Program was smoothly implemented with the assistance of patient and passionate individuals.  We would like to express our gratitude to all our Batch 2016 alumni, Ferdie Genoguin (volunteered for 10 days), Jaime Abata, Jr., Jazzel Naval, Mark Kevin Paroginog, Jason Lopes and Jason Naval, our Deaf Buddy Club Vice-President Joan Raagas, one of our SLIs Miss Rhea N. Namol, our Grade 9 volunteer Mr. Jeremias Franche, and our Student Affairs Moderator  and former PDL Moderator Mr. Noel I. Que.  
       The time you have shared in the Summer Bridge Program speaks of your great love for the Deaf.  To our new Deaf students Mico and Evelyn, welcome to the ANHS PDL family. 

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