Sunday, December 25, 2011

Medical-Dental Mission Conducted

Guadalupe - Some local dwellers of the Laperal compound Barangay Viejo were the beneficiaries of the recent medical and dental mission jointly initiated by the 5th Year Students and the ANHS Faculty.

Of the beneficiaries, many were provided with medical services such as consultation and free medicines, though many waited for a dental services mostly on tooth extraction. The PDL's Deaf students provided free back and hand to some of the residents.

The ANHS BEC provided the medical doctors who are acquaintances and friends of the night school faculty and sponsors for medicines.

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  1. Now that's awesome, especially when it comes to dental work. Tooth extraction is practically surgery, even though it isn’t viewed by many as such, and being able to provide relief to aching and infected teeth is like removing a great weight bearing down on a person. The relief is like a breath of fresh air during spring.