Monday, April 30, 2012

SDEAS Group teaches FSL for ANHS Batch 2

April 26: Communication is often the key to strong relationships and understanding between school employees and their Deaf students. Thus, 7 ANHS teachers and staff (Mr. Belen, Mrs. Jingco, Mr. LaviƱa, Mr. Que, Miss Panlasigue, Miss Tan, and Miss Torres) were enrolled to learn and continuing Filipino Sign Language sessions at De La Salle - College of St. Benilde School for Deaf Education and Advance Studies (DLS CSB SDEAS) in a more convenient schedule with new challenges especially for those who are undergoing Level 2.

The first week started with an orientation for Level 1 participants given by Mrs. Theresa Benitez-Dela Torre (Director, Center for Education Access and Development), assisted by Mr. Leo Cabasag, informing participants regarding a short history of School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS) which the group found out to have almost similar experiences when the PDL started way back 2003. After a while, Miss Agnes Canayon discussed the types of group of people from the Deaf perspectives and some Deaf friendly terms. Miss Anabelle Salazar also discussed about Filipino Sign Language Program.

"While SDEAS is teaching the FSLLP, the partnership arrangement and support was made through the Center for Education Access and Development as part of its SEcI initiatives and LSGH-ANHS PDL is one of the 3 schools involved in SEcI" informed by Mrs. Dela Torre for the ANHS Batch 2. 

Mrs. Bernadette Infanta, a Deaf Teacher, handled the entirety of the training by starting first in an activity describing oneself through signs then followed by visual-gestural activities.


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