Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 2: Faculty Professional Development: Continuing FSL Session

This training was proposed by Mr. Que, PDL Moderator and submitted for approval to Mr. Dayrit, LSGH ANHS Principal and Mrs. Techie Benitez-Dela Torre, Director of Center for Education Access and Development CEAD. Once approved by both partners the Secondary Education Initiative (SEcI) headed by Miss May Cabutihan will plan for this special summer arrangements with the faculty and staff of ANHS. Both institutions supported and agreed to train ANHS faculty to learn Filipino Sign Language (FSL). The second week of training goes to an in-depth understanding of basic signs for Level 1 wherein participants usually questions the trainor Miss Infanta why such signs are being used. Fortunately the trainor was able to answer the querries of the group based from her experiences, knowledge of the sign and learning as she herself were trained by other Deaf professionals at CSB.

In the afternoon, the Level 2 participants were enlightened regarding the use of signs as a Noun and as a Verb coupled by individual demonstrations.

Participants were initially asked regarding their insights and they respond by saying that they were happy to learn FSL and getting to know their trainor; they need a Deaf or an expert that they can ask for review; and it is overwhelming that there are a lot of signs even at the basic level. In particular, the participants wanted to learn more about why signs differ from one school to another and even from one Deaf to another Deaf and the knowledge to learn about Deaf culture which they believe would support them in their future learning efforts in educating their Deaf students.

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