Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 4, 5 and 6: 9th ANHS Deaf Week

Objectives of the event:

To be able to differentiate between misconception and fact about deafness and deaf culture;
To recognize that "Deaf People Can Do Anything Except Hear!" (I. King Jordan) To improve understanding of the different types of deafness by highlighting the many different methods of communication used by Deaf such as sign language;
To help promote the FSL as well as raise awareness about Deaf community and the issues/challenges they face.

Sat. November 10: 
Friendly Games for the Deaf held at Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School.
Human F.S.L. formation

Mon. November 12: 
Simultaneous Judging of Entries by Alumni

Tues. November 13: 
Awarding and Culmination; 
Sign Name Baptism for New Deaf Buddies

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