Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deaf Alumni Participation in the 9th ANHS Deaf Week

ERIS and LSGH-ANHS PDL participants posing for the culmination of the 9th ANHS Deaf Week

   As a recommendation of the PAASCU team that alumni should contribute still in school events, Deaf Alumni participation in the 9th ANHS Deaf Week event continuously increasing every year. Signature events, like being a judge of the PDL Logo Design Contest and the Short Story In Sign are enough to inspire Deaf students that they can still be a part of the school even after graduation.

   What’s responsible for these great leaps forward? Mr. Rheal D. Dayrit, Principal, says it’s all about letting alumni get engaged with Club events. “Thanks to our active alumni, we now have a place to provide our alumni with the encouragement and resources they need to become active donors and participants.”
“In effect, this action is building a new tradition.”

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